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Although normally only available to accounts of $1m and above, through our unique deals with leading financial institutions, your trading account can also be linked to a fully segregated private bank account.

In this case, you trade directly with Liquid Markets, without completing the actual transfer of your funds to us. Instead, your funds remain in your own name at one of our AA+ rated top tier banking partners, which are large globally recognized institutions, which have been individually chosen based on their extremely high ratings and solid credit-worthiness.

This means that you enjoy peace of mind that your funds are secure in your bank, whilst you are trading with Liquid Markets, allowing you to generate interest on your deposit.

How the segregated account works

With a Segregated Bank account option, institutional traders can benefit from:

  • Full segregation of individual client collateral according to strict financial regulatory requirements adhered to by the banking industry.
  • Trade directly with Liquid Markets without transfering funds
  • Easy and fast procedure for account opening
  • Full transparency and Weekly P/L netting
  • Interest generated from your private bank account

This service is available FREE for all high net worth individuals and corporate clients with deposits of only USD 200,000 or more. In order to apply, there is a simple procedure:

  • Open trading account with Liquid Markets, send required documentation and pass compliance checks
  • Liquid Markets will introduce client to the banking institution for bank account opening
  • Provide all required documentation*
  • Begin Trading

Bank Guarantees

The Liquid Markets bank guarantee option provides our traders with greater flexibility with the option to keep funds with one of our AA+ rated top tier banking partners

Liquid Markets accepts bank guarantees for deposits starting at USD 200,000 or its equivalent in other currencies.

All bank guarantees are available only upon individual application and are subject to Liquid Markets’ approval.

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