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Rex Capital International Management (RCM) is a Foreign Exchange, Metals, Energy Markets, CFDs and Binary Options broker that was established since year 2012 and we aim to become one of the leading providers for the financial markets.

Corporation Name : Rex Capital International Management Limited.
Industry & Services : Non-Banking Financial Services (margin trading in financial market instruments and fund management on structured products)
Hong Kong Financial Regulatory Governmental Bureau : Under Hong Kong Galaxy Group Limited recognized E-Trading member No:203. Gold and Silver Exchange Society (“CGSE”) is the sole exchange in Hong Kong which trades gold and silver market instruments.


In 21st century, the uprising economic activities in the Asia Pacific Region will be the main driving force for the world economic development. RCM has anticipated the importance of having strategic positions at the Region and already established offices in New Zealand, Taiwan, India, Dubai, Hong Kong and Thailand as well as numerous working partners in China. The infrastructure of the network enhances the logistic and information services providing to clients. We strives to provide our clients with the optimum trading platform, we have built strong execution relationships with many of the world’s largest international banks. These relationships offer the benefits of increased size of deals, better prices and superior execution which, in turn, we pass onto our clients.

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