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Spot gold (XAU) and spot silver (XAG) are tradable commodities offered by RCM at the best-of-market spreads and spot execution without having additional foreign exchange exposure. Spot trading is done similarly to forex currency trading where investors take short or long positions of the metals’ prices. There is no centralised marketplace for spot gold or silver trading and thus trading is accessible 23 hours a day, 5 days a week. RCM offers CFDs on spot metals in both USD and EUR.

Since the 1st January 2002 the price of Gold has increased dramatically and this has benefited its investors in two ways. For long term investors, they have seen a huge rise in return on investment and for short term investors, they have been able to capitalize on the large and frequent fluctuations in Gold’s value both upwards and downwards.

Advantages of Gold Trading

  • Gold is a commodity that new traders are normally familiar with and can often find good and reliable information sources to plan their future investments.
  • The daily and often volatile fluctuations of the price of Gold offer traders the possibility to benefit from short term investments.
  • Gold prices have been known to correlate to those of other currencies providing potential indicators to seasoned investors.

Advantages of Silver Trading

  • Silver trading is a welcome addition to any investor’s portfolio due to the vast daily fluctuations in its value that can present instant market opportunities.
  • Up to 200:1 leverage allows traders to benefit from the silver market without needing a large capital starting point.
  • Silver shares a ‘safe haven’ status with gold allowing long term investors the opportunity to hedge against inflation and other global economic pressures.
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